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Juggler and Comedian, Jon Udry is on his biggest and most challenging tour yet. The ABC Tour; 26 shows in 26 different venues, one for each letter of the alphabet....


17th September 2017

Recently I have been trying my best to push the promotional side of the ABC Tour. I am not very good at this. There seem to be too many variables. I could promote one show a little bit and get a big audience, and then conversely, I promote a show a lot, and get not many people turn up. This is what happened last night. 

E, F and H

15th September 2017

Eden Project! Wow, what a venue. Now, before I talk about how it went, I have a little confession. When organising shows for this tour, I had very strict rules on venues.

1. It can’t be a place name. For example, Norway, Cornwall, or Bristol.

2. It can't be a brand name. For example Ikea, Primark or Tesco. 

3. It can't be a type of place. For example an Indian restaurant is R for restaurant and not I for Indian restaurant. 

F and G

7th September 2017

I have officially booked 7 out of 26 shows of the ABC Tour. To be honest, there was a part of me that thought that it really wouldn't get this far. But there’s no going back now! 

I am now very pleased to announce that show 6 is now well and truly confirmed. F is for Forest!

This one is going to be really exciting for a few reasons; it is going to be there first show that is going to be lit by fire, and it is in a stunning location. There are no toilets, so be prepared. 

Door World Summary. And E....

22nd August 2017

I have just finished unpacking the car from my gig tonight at Door World in Bristol. That’s right, tonight was D is for Door Shop on the ABC Tour, and it went a lot better than I was expecting. I have to be honest, as I was setting up, I had a funny feeling that this would be the show that no one would show up to. I felt anxious. The show was due to start at 6pm.


9th August 2017

The ABC Tour is off to a flying start. The first stop was Bristol aquarium. I have to be honest, I did feel like King of the Blags by getting to perform here. It just so happened that the stars aligned; the aquarium staff were having a staff do and they needed some entertainment. I was joined by my good friend Sam Veale who was helping out with filming and setting up the sound. 

A-C info.

1st August 2017

Ok, the ABC is well on the way with the first show happening tomorrow. This is the place to find all of the up and coming info about it. If you don't want to check here, then you can always like my facebook page where I will be posting updates and events regularly. 

Here are the upcoming dates from A-C:


ABC Tour

1st August 2017

The ABC Tour starts tomorrow. On this page you'll be able to find all of the latest information on the ABC inluding upcoming dates, behind the scenes photos, summaries of shows, and videos as and when they are released. For now, here is the new logo for the ABC Tour designed by More information coming soon.



Upcoming Gigs

Sat, 06/01/2018
Ice Arena Wales, Cardiff
Thu, 11/01/2018
Prison Cells, The Island, Bristol, UK
Thu, 08/03/2018
Acorn Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall
Sat, 10/03/2018
Lighthouse Theatre, Poole, UK


"Handsomely suave Jon Udry takes to the stages with witty introductions and lightning skilled juggling leaving you roaring with laughter and awe."

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