ABC Tour and Smashed

12th January 2017

This week me and my friend Void have launched a new project on Kickstarter. The ABC Tour: 26 comedy-juggling shows in 26 different venues - chosen by YOU - each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. So far pledges for the project have been slow but steady. I am still hopeful we will reach the target, but it’s still very early days yet. Below is the link, if you could share the living heck out the link, tell as many people as you can, and support the project with whatever money you can spare, then that would be very helpful! So helpful intact, that if you do those things, I will personally hug you when we see each other next. Deal? Ok. Deal. Also, if anyone has any ideas of other ways that I could spread the word about the project, please contact me on I'm very new to this sort of thing so any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Below is the link:


Share it my pretties! Share!


This week I have also been performing with the wonderful company, Gandini Juggling, on a large version of their hit show, Smashed. This time with 21 performers, instead of 9. It was a lot of fun, and interesting to see how much of the material I could still do after not performing the show for a couple of years. We performed as the opening show for London’s 40th Mime Festival. I truly wonderful opportunity. 



Bye for now!



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