Happy New Year

1st January 2015
Well that’s it. No more 2014. 2014 is now history. The seal has been broken for a brand spanking new year, fresh out of the packet, and I wish you all a very eventful and happy one.
It feels most appropriate to send this blog post out today, after all it is New Years Day and I am always reminded on this day of the social conundrum: “How far into the year can you carry on saying “Happy New Year” to people, before it gets socially unacceptable?”. I feel like the action of saying “Happy New Year” (HNY) to people, works on a kind of list meaning, once you have said it to somebody, you can now cross them off the list as you now don’t have to say it to them for another 12 months. Saying “HNY” to somebody usually occurs when you see them for the first time in the year. But then what happens if the first time you see somebody in a year, just so happens to be in July, or even November? Is it acceptable to say “HNY” then?!
Last night I hosted the NYE cabaret at The Aeronaut. It really was a fantastic night with some very very good acts, but my highlight was being given the responsibility to orchestrate the countdown into 2015. There I was, at 11:59pm, stood on a platform looking over the audience who are all dancing and cheering. On the mic, I ask the audience “are you ready for 2015?” feeling like I was some kind of Mick Jagger figure at Glastonbury Festival, and they all screamed back at me. For a brief moment (about 1 minute) I felt like a rockstar! I counted down from 10 on the mic and then let off an almighty glitter cannon (another highlight). It really was a lovely moment that I wish I could’ve shared. I tried to take a photo but it really didn’t do it justice. Here is my failed photographic attempt:
In my world, 2015 is going to busy one. I have many cruise ships booked in, cabaret work, the Beta Testing tour with Circus Geeks, my new solo show Jon Udry Punches Gravity In The Face, and various other things so to be up to date with events and videos, like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jonudry.com.
Have a delightful year, and if you read this, I hope to have coffee/tea/beer/cake with you at some point in 2015.

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