Happy New Year

5th January 2017

It’s 2017. Happy New Year you lovely lot. 2016 was a very productive year work wise for me. I made this little video to summarise my 2016. Check it out here:



You may have noticed in the video that I mentioned the lack of blog posts. At the start of 2016, I told myself that I would try and do a blog update once a week for the year. This did not happen. I managed 16. That’s weak blog game on my part. This year I am going to try a little harder to get one blog post a week (if I manage 25 I will be chuffed!). 


This year I have a lot of stuff going on, so I cannot use the excuse of “I have nothing to write about”. I have a few projects going on that I can't talk about yet, but information will be released very shortly. I also have a very exciting contract for the end of 2017, but again, I’m not 100% sure if I can talk about it yet. I apologise for being Johnny Vagueness, but I promise more info will come soon. 


As well as new projects, I have a whole list of gigs booked throughout the year that I have yet to put on my website. Sorry about that too. It’s just been Christmas and I am still sweating out mulled wine. But new dates will be up in the next week or so. 


This is going to me an exciting year. I will be posting a lot more videos, photos, and updates on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/jonudry.com . So please like or share that if you haven't already. AND I will try my darnedest to do more blog posts. 

In 2014, I did a pie chart (geek) of all of the work related stuff that I do, so that I could see the ratios of travel against performing or practicing etc. The pie chart from 2014 is here:




I will be doing a 2016 pie chart as well, which I will show at the bottom of every blog post. So, we’ve got that to look forward to……… (tumbleweed). 


I have just finished rehearsals with Gandini Juggling on a 20 person version of their hit show Smashed. We are performing it here next week: http://mimelondon.com/gandini-juggling/


That's all for now. 







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Upcoming Gigs

Wed, 08/11/2017 to Sat, 23/12/2017
Thursford, Norfolk, UK
Sat, 06/01/2018
Ice Arena Wales, Cardiff
Thu, 11/01/2018
Prison Cells, The Island, Bristol, UK
Thu, 08/03/2018
Acorn Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall


"Jon did a 45min set for us for our wedding in February 2017 and he was AMAZING!!!! Had our guests in fits of laughter and really was fantastic if you are looking for something to lift the energy after a wedding meal, but not do the predictable magician or live band.

Katy & Russ



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