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27th January 2018

Unfortunately, I have had no luck with booking an ice rink for me to do a show on. Despite taking ice skating lessons (Thanks Linda!). However, I have found that it is always good to try and turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity. So the next thing to do was to find another date for I in the alphabet. I didn’t want to have to change other dates on the tour to try and fit around my new “I” date. And I wanted something that would be different to the other letters. So here it is, and I hope you’re ready for it. Are you? Well ok then. The show for I is…….Internet! That’s right, the show is going happen online. I believe it is going to happen at some point towards the end of February, but I will give you details soon!

I is for Internet is going to be very different from the rest of the shows on the ABC Tour for a few reasons:

  • It is going to be streamed online
  • I will have no audience in the room, except for maybe Anton, Angie and Pippa.
  • People will be able to view the show from anywhere in the world. 
  • Viewers of the show will be able to comment on the show and request certain things. 

As for the next show coming up, we have K is for Knitting Club. The details are below. 

If you would be interested in coming to the event, please let me know in advanced and I'll add you to the guest list. Unfortunately, if you are not on the guest list, you will not be allowed in due to security reasons. It will be free entry to the event but there will be a donation box for Crohn’s & Colitus UK. 

Show letter L is 99.99% confirmed but I do not want to release any info on this until I am very sure. 

M is also looking quite promising. 

More to come soon!

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"Comedy juggler Jon Udry begun by making a balloon dog behind his back whilst bouncing a ball on his head. Who said "juggling is boring!"? Whoever said it has never seen Udry. His juggling is skilful whilst his humour was new and refreshing. A perfect act for a family audience."


Johnny Tait - Reviewer of Showcase Productions



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