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29th April 2018

Welcome back to Jonited Blogdom (that name is probably not going to stick). I’ve got a few things to talk about this week. Let’s get cracking. 

We have a new ABC Tour video available. M is for Monkey Sanctuary. Check it out here. 

Big thank-you to all of the team at Wild Futures for making the show possible. Thank-you to Dan and Courtney for filming, and again to Courtney for editing. 

Next, I have another video for you. It is Monkey Trick part 4! Slightly confusing really. Two Monkey videos. I didn’t really think about it. Ah well, I think we are all going to be ok. You can check this video out here. 

Let me know what you think of the videos by commenting here or on youtube.

I had a really lovely time performing at Angie Belcher’s Comedy Depot in Bristol this week. Such a lovely crowd. Here is a short clip from my set. 

I have been lucky enough to see a couple of great shows this week that I cannot recommend enough. Bridget Christie (http://www.bridgetchristie.co.uk/gigs/) and The Horne Section (http://thehornesection.com/). Both incredibly funny shows. Amazing. Get yourself to their shows if you get the chance. 

Right, that’s all from me. 



J x


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