New Prop, Mill Rythe Holiday Village + disillusioned man.

2nd June 2016

Yesterday I received a new prop from Jazz Phab Hula Hoops. Its a foldable mini hula hoop which I will hopefully be using for a couple of new tricks. I have a few ideas for them, but they are very much in the pipeline (pow!) at the moment. I tried to take a selfie with me and the prop but it was fairly tricky. Here is my attempt:

Yesterday evening I performed my first gig at a holiday park in about 8 years. I used to perform at holiday parks in Cornwall from the ages of 13-18, and I never had a great memory of them to be honest. I have many a memory of getting changed outside or in the car. So I was a little anxious about performing at Mill Rythe Holiday Village as I expected it to be a little rough. I was very pleasantly surprised! Nice stage, a tech team, good audiences, high ceilings, a dressing room! Luxury. I had a lovely time and I'm looking forward to doing a bunch more this year. 

At the holiday park, I spoke to someone on the entertainment team who was telling me about all the amazing things he has done (ya know the type). He tells me that he has seen a juggler who has juggled 36 balls AND he has seen the video of it for proof. I mentioned that MAYBE he was a little wrong (or just wrong), as the juggling world now is very well documented with video, and the world record is actually 13. He carried on sipping his pint of coca cola, and walked off as if I had just agreed with him. Funny. I guess you had to be there. 

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"Comedy juggler Jon Udry begun by making a balloon dog behind his back whilst bouncing a ball on his head. Who said "juggling is boring!"? Whoever said it has never seen Udry. His juggling is skilful whilst his humour was new and refreshing. A perfect act for a family audience."


Johnny Tait - Reviewer of Showcase Productions



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