Pie chart week 2, Bibi and Bichu, Gandini

11th January 2015
I have been a bit off of the radar this week with blogs etc as my laptop has been in the laptop hospital. But it’s all fixed now and ready for work.
My pie chart is coming along nicely. For those of you who didn’t understand my pie chart, there are details for it in last weeks post entitled “Life of a Juggler”. I had a few complaints about the pie chart donning the same colours which was a mistake on my part, but you’ll be pleased to know that this has been amended.
I had my first gig of the year yesterday. I was performing with Gandini Juggling in a juggling quartet at Take Part Festival in Llandudno, Wales. It really was great fun. I very rarely get to do gigs like this nowadays, so when they come along, they are a real buzz. I was performing with Iñaki Sastre and the juggling brothers; Bibi and Bichu Tesfamariam. I always get fascinated by working with Bibi and Bichu. They have such a rich story about how they came to London from Ethiopia and how they learnt a lot of there tricks. They have both agreed to do an interview about it in my future podcast which is very good news! Highlights of the gig included getting to practice with Bibi and Bichu. They really are phenomenal club passers. I was passing 10 clubs relatively easy with Bichu, and this is not an easy trick for me. It was made astronomically easier by the fact that Bichu could catch any of my crap that I threw at him. If you haven’t seen Bibi and Bichu’s act then here is a taste:
And they will be performing with Gifford’s Circus (http://www.giffordscircus.com) this season, so go and watch it.

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"Comedy juggler Jon Udry begun by making a balloon dog behind his back whilst bouncing a ball on his head. Who said "juggling is boring!"? Whoever said it has never seen Udry. His juggling is skilful whilst his humour was new and refreshing. A perfect act for a family audience."


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