Ruth Baldry Home Shoot

10th March 2017

A few weeks ago, I saw a Facebook post from a photography student saying that she is looking for performers to do a photoshoot in their own homes. My girlfriend Pippa needed some new photos, we don’t have any photos of us together in performing “get-up”, and the idea of a photoshoot where we didn’t even have to leave the house seemed very appealing indeed. Ruth Baldy, our photographer for the day, is doing this fascinating project of performers in their homes, which will hopefully one day be turned into a nice book. Check out the rest of Ruth’s stuff here:


Ruth arrived, coffee and tea was drank, biscuits were dunked, and we discussed the plan for the next few hours. We started off in the bed room where we took some nice shots in bed whilst juggling. However, unfortunately these shots didn’t come out due to a technical fault. Next, the sun popped it’s face out through the clouds, and we had a brief amount of time with the light to get some good shots in the garden. We were a little rushed, so we just tried a bunch of things. Below are the results. 






After our quick vitamin D fix, we headed back inside. This time, we went up into the loft. I am very proud of my loft. I just like it up there! Anyone that has come to my house, has most likely seen my loft. We didn’t really know what to do up there. So we took this quite creepy, Adam’s Family-esque, photo.




From loft to kitchen. Possibly the shortest commute ever. We had an idea of doing a fancy tea pour that was taken from the perspective of a voyeur. Below is the result. 




Ideally I would’ve liked to have seen more of Pippa in this shot. We didn’t get to see the tea pot that was doing the pouring behind her head, or the fact that my arm is behind her back. And stupidly, I should've used a white mug. What a nutter. Every day is a school day. 


Finally, we wanted to create the image of a couple relaxing after a gig. Late at night, me and Pippa often sit by the fire. So we thought we would try and recreate this image using the fire, drawing the curtains, and filling our glasses with mulled wine (it was all we had in!). It could make a good Christmas card. Below are the results:





Thank-you again to Ruth for the photo shoot. Again, check out her website for some other great shots.


We’ll keep you posted about the book. 


On a side note, I recently listen to an interview with Stewart Lee on the Comedian's Comedian Podcast. Truly amazing. It has made me question everything performance wise in a possible unhealthy amount of depth! I highly reccomend it to anyone in the industry.







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