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Changes. Bounce. 8 Rings. Mr Cornell

23rd May 2017

Ok ok ok, I admit it, I have missed a couple of weeks of blog posts. I said I would do 52 blog posts for an entire year, and at the moment I think I’ve missed two weeks this year. However, I’m going to try my hardest to play catch up! Anyways, I’m sorry. I know you are all (hello?) just dying to know what I’ve been up to (get the tumbleweed out of here!). I also apologies for the ramshackle smorgasbord of a blog that I’ve done today. I’ve just got a lot of things to chat about! So, what have I been up to I hear you cry (hello?!). Well in all honesty, I’ve been gigging and practicing and it has been blissful!

Firstly, my corker of a web designer, Chris (, has made it possible for me to attach videos into my blogs. So here is a rather daft video that I made whilst in Turkey last week. They had a dance studio that was perfect for me to practice in. It it was also the home of some fun looking balls. This is what I came up with.



Chris ( has also made it possible for one to leave comments at the end of each blog post. So if you want to leave comments, please do so!

I now also have a reviews button on my Facebook page (I did that! With the help of magician Stephen Simmons so if you fancy it, you can head to my Facebook page ( and leave a lovely review of the 5 stars variety. That’d be very nice.

So, I have just come back from Algarve where I ate close to my actual body weight in pastel de nata. I also did a couple of shows whilst I was there which was very fun! I met a lovely couple, that I first used as audience participants during the show. It turns out they live in Norfolk, and have invited me over for dinner when I am going to be living in Norfolk in November and December for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular. Utterly delightful to meet such lovely people, and of course, to get a free meal out of it is a bonus. I did a time lapse of one of the shows whilst I was there too. Here it is:



I have luckily had the opportunity to train my juggling hard again, which really is a luxury. I have been pushing the 8 ring juggle for a little bit now, and I was really really close to a 8 ring qualify (when every object gets thrown twice. In this case, 16 throws and catches in total) a couple of days ago. I was 1 catch away from happiness. Here it is:



I have been also been working on a new creative video project which I’ll be writing about soon. It is purely a creative thing, but I have a feeling it may be good idea. But only time will tell.

Finally, I was saddened to hear that Chris Cornell died this week. Singer of Audioslave and Soundgarden, Chris was my favourite rock singer of all time. My brother and I used to make up hypothetical dream bands when we were younger, and Chris Cornell was always my lead singer. A true loss. Here is a song from Audioslave that I used to perform (and win!) British Young Juggler Of The Year in 2005. More about the competition another time, but for now, over to you Mr Cornell:



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