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3rd October 2017

Merchandise! Merchandise? Really? Merchandise? What? You? You have merchandise? Yes! That’s right you lovely reader, sitting there with your cup of tea/coffee/beer/wine/advocaat in your favourite shirt/onesie/kimono. I have merchandise. It is available on the merchandise section of this website. Perhaps I didn’t need to tell you that bit. 

I have always wanted to have something good to sell. For me personally, I didn’t want to sell a DVD (it’s a like a small frisbee full of information) or download of my show. I also didn’t want to go down the path of selling some budget juggling balls with my logo on with some instructions. Instead I decided to sell something that I actually like! I’m going to now write about each bit of merch in order from least good to best.



This is the poster for my first solo theatre show “Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face”. I really love this poster. To me it conveys the image of struggle and the overcoming of tasks in every day life. The photo was taken by Ryoko Uyama ( and the poster was designed by Chris Bunt at If you buy a poster, I will even devalue it, if requested, by writing a nice message on it. 


Tote bag



I personally love tote bags. I use them every day. So I decided that I would get my own one. After trying a few tote bags, this one is by far the best. Very durable. A good size. Big enough for all of your bits and bobs and then some. Designed by Chris Bunt at Some may say it is TOTE-ally brilliant. (Ok fine, I’ll sit on the naughty step, but I do not regret what I just typed).


Mug and Practice Tea Bag

The pièce de résistance. I’m very proud of this one. Well, for those of you that have seen my show, I do a routine with a tea cup and a tea bag. Below is a short video of my tea cup and tea bag stuff:



I came up with the idea of having a mug with some basic tea cup and tea bag trick instructions. The mug also comes with a tea bag shaped beanbag, so that you can practice your tricks before graduating to pro real tea bag level. Designed by the ever talented illustrator Donald Grant (he also does diabolo you know!). 


So go ahead, start ordering now! You may as well get it all, to save on postage. It is good stuff. And may make great Christmas presents, or just presents. Go on, treat yo self. 

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"Mr Jon Udry.. well, you hear the word "juggler" and straight away in your head you think you know what to expect.. a performer is going to jump on stage before you and perform a few tricks you couldn't exactly attempt yourself with a few balls or what not, entertaining? Fairly..

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