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26th October 2017

I have now, for the next couple of months, moved my life to Norfolk. I have started rehearsals for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular ( where I am the speciality act. It really is a huge show with a cast of over 100 performers. Rehearsals start properly tomorrow and I am very excited. The passed few days I have been hanging out and practicing at Thursford, and it is truly is a phenomenal place.

I am staying in a lovely little cottage a few minutes drive away with a wood burner and a variety of farm animals in my garden and so far, I really like Norfolk. Today, my pheasant count before noon (PCBN) was 14, which is a new personal best. Norfolk really is a great place, if only they could sort out the bad phone signal and wifi connection! 


Appologies for the lack of content in this post, I don’t really have much more to say in this post except for I’m in Norfolk, there are ample pheasants, Thursford is the most Christmassy place on earth, and I’m excited for rehearsals. 

More coming soon...


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