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Moan. ABC Tour, Seinfeld's Rules

2nd July 2018

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve been a little grumpy recently. As you may know, I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, and as expected it still isn’t healed. I am seeing a physio and she is giving me great exercises to do, but it is going to be another 5 weeks or so until I am fully back in the game and back to normal. It is getting better each day, but it is very frustrating. I am not very good at resting. However, this week i should be able to start training again, and that’ll for sure put a smile on my grumpy face.

In other news, the ABC Tour is getting INCREDIBLY frustrating. For S, I have a really great venue in mind, and they have verbally confirmed and seem very keen. I first contacted them at the beginning of May, and they have been very difficult to get hold of and to get an answer out of. It is the classic “Oh yea that would be fine, I just need to email this person, who is going to email THAT person, and then we just have to hear back from those people and then I’ll let you know blah blah flipping blah” It is taking a lot longer to organise than it should. The nature of the ABC is such that I cannot really organise a date for T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z before I have organised S. So the entire remainder of the tour is sat there twiddling it’s thumbs whilst we wait for a definite confirmation of a date and time from S. I really am doing everything I can to get it sorted, but I apologise for the delay. But grrrrrrrrr.

Anyways, enough moaning from me. I know things will look up, but I think it’s healthy to moan sometimes! 

I listened to a great interview the other day with Jerry Seinfeld. I loved Seinfeld’s 3 rules to life:

  1. Bust your ass
  2. Pay attention
  3. Fall in love. 

I’ll now attempt to elaborate on each of Seinfeld’s rules.

  1. Bust your ass. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you really try your best and work as hard as you can. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time. 
  2. Pay attention. We have been brought up to always need over stimulation. We look at our phones when walking through a beautiful park. We need music whilst we walk along or exercise. We miss most of what we witness. We should try and take in more.
  3. Fall in love. This doesn’t just mean fall in love with someone, even though that is nice too. Fall in love with a sunset, a poem, a coffee, a flamingo, a whatever. Appreciate good things a little bit more. Because we take a lot for granted. 

Seinfeld is the man. 

Speak soon, I’ll be cheerier next time, I promise!


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